About Me

Chris Gavin Jones is an award-winning photographer, instructor, and workshop trip leader.  Chris’s images feature immense and breathtaking landscapes that showcase the  beauty and grandeur of the natural world while also instilling a sense of adventure within those who view his work.

Chris’s journey into photography was born in the remote and rugged mountains of northern Afghanistan, where he worked as a humanitarian relief worker from 1999-2001.  During those years, Chris was one of few Americans working and living in Afghanistan, where his camera became a tool to document the devastating effects of the civil war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance.  Realizing the power of photography in advocating for those in need, Chris enrolled in the Corcoran College of Art & Design, where he earned a BFA in photojournalism.

Chris continues to photograph and document challenging and difficult situations in the world, but he is equally passionate about capturing images that reveal the ineffable natural beauty of the many destinations and cultures he continues to explore.  Chris specializes in traveling to remote and off-the-beaten path places.  From Tajikistan to Tunisia to Turkey, he has traveled to over 40 countries and is available for assignments and workshops anywhere in the world.  A native of Boulder, Colorado, Chris spends much of his time at home photographing the American West, and offers classes and day trips to many nearby destinations, especially in Colorado.